Sunday, August 1

Dems to push a series of "themes" during the recess

"The Hill" is a consistently reliable (i.e. thoroughly partisan) source for Democratic talking points and press releases. Here's their latest, slightly edited for clarity:
In a letter to Democratic members of congress last Friday, Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) outlined the themes the party plans to push during the six-week August recess--a different theme for each week. Pelosi asked Democratic members to coordinate public events and "media interactions" in their home districts around these weekly themes.

The theme for the first week is "Make it in America," which will focus on creating more manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Another will be on small businesses, and the last week will cycle back to "Make it in America."

The theme strategy will be coordinated with the White House and party committees, with outside liberal groups expected to provide some assistance.

During the recess, congressional Democratic leaders will meet on Senator John Kerry's (D-MA) yacht to coordinate the theme for that week with the White House and various liberal groups.

To support the first week's Democratic Party theme ("Make it in America") Senator Kerry will explain how having his yacht built in New Zealand actually created American jobs. He'll also advise his fellow Democratic tax-raisers on methods to avoid paying those taxes themselves, and on how to recover without losing voter support if you're discovered doing so.

Okay, it's possible I may have misunderstood those last two 'grafs.


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