Saturday, July 31

Obama, Dems scheme to let more illegals stay here?

Americans trust that the Democrats and the Obama administration will obey the law, right?

No?? Why, I'm shocked, shocked I say!

Yeah, okay, what I really meant was "not a bit surprised." As you weren't either, unless you believe in the tooth fairy.

The latest 'tell' that Obama and the Dems are getting ready to rape the Constitution yet again is found in an internal memo produced by political appointees at one of the endless gubmint rabbit warrens--this one is called the "U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services."

The memo--titled “Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform”-- (reported here) describes actions the Obama administration could take “in the absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform” to “reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization.”

Y'know, you read that last phrase and shake your head and think, That can't possibly mean what it seems to mean, can it? And you read it again, and parse it a word at a time, and son of a bitch!--they really are suggesting ways to let "certain" illegal immigrants stay in the U.S., in violation of existing laws.

I can hear lib/dem/socialists saying, "What a wingnut! The memo doesn't SAY "in violation of existing laws" so how can he possibly claim that's true??"

Simple, moonbats: If existing law allowed said illegal immigrants to be here, these political appointees wouldn't have needed to write the memo, eh?

The memo actually proposes that unless an illegal immigrant has a “significant negative immigration or criminal history,” DHS could simply stop issuing “Notices to Appear” (the document that starts the removal process for illegals).

What a brilliant strategy! If a law inconvenience the government, just refuse to enforce it!

In other words, just what Obie and the Dems did with tax-cheating Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Or what congressional Dems did with Rep. Charles Rangel, and are about to do with Maxine Waters: i.e. nothing.

According to NRO the four authors of the memo are USCIS "chief of policy and strategy" Denise Vanison (a former immigration attorney and partner at Patton Boggs); USCIS chief counsel Roxana Bacon (former general counsel for the American Immigration Lawyers Association), and two career employees of the agency's director, Alejandro Mayorkas, another Obama appointee.

But don't worry, citizen--nothing at all to see here. We pro-illegal-immigration pushers would never never try to do an end-run around the law of the land to keep a lot more illegals here.

I mean, trust us: We're the government.


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