Saturday, July 31

TV broadcast goes "down the memory hole"

This story just makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck:

Chris Matthews is a liberal Dem who has a daily show on MSNBC. The show runs once, and then a videotape of the same show is broadcast again two hours later.

At least that's how it was always done before a week ago.

Last week Matthews was on with former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean, and the subject was Breitbart's posting of the video of the Sherrod speech. Both Dean and Matthews ended up looking pig-ignorant, and Matthews made several comments that seemed to support Breitbart to the detriment of Dean.

Reportedly, heads were shaking in amazement all over the media universe. And evidently the network's switchboard began to light up with calls from angry Democrats.

So instead of doing the usual re-broadcast of the videotape of the show in the second time slot (two hours after the first one), MSNBC and Matthews went to the extraordinary effort of doing a completely new show for the second time slot--apparently to avoid the embarrassment that the liberals/Dems would have suffered had they broadcast the tape of the first show again.

Problem was, Howard Dean wasn't available for this "re-do." So the network and Matthews quickly rounded up a hard-core lefty "reporter" to take his place. (To the audience's credit, a third of them actually noticed.)

Wow. This kind of stuff is right out of Orwell's "1984."

"Down the memory hole" indeed.


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