Friday, July 23

The "Cult of Diversity"--Dick Lamm

Some time ago, former Colorado governor Richard Lamm reportedly gave a short speech at a conference on U.S. immigration. Lamm said if he were bent on destroying the United States, he would attack on 8 points.

One of these was to push for "diversity" as a national goal. Another was to encourage various ethnic groups to keep their original culture rather than assimilate.

Still another point was to get wealthy foundations and businesses to give these efforts lots of money to push ethnic identity and a cult of 'victimology.' Part of this shakedown of business would encourage minorities to believe that any lack of success on their part was the fault of the majority.

Lamm said part of his hypothetical attack on the U.S. would including making it taboo to say anything negative about the cult of diversity. He suggested the attackers would find a word like 'racist' or 'xenophobe' that would abruptly cut off any discussion or debate.

Turns out, of course, that everything Lamm warned about in his speech has come to pass in America, forced on the rest of us by progressives and Dems. Those groups have repeatedly told us that cultures that practice female genital mutilation and stone rape victims are as valid as ours.

That members of cultures that strap explosive vests to children are as valid as ours.

That cultures that openly praise and assist lawbreakers are as valid as ours.

Oh, wait...that last one is ours, as self-styled "elites" and left-wing "journalists" praise a government that openly rapes the Constitution.


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