Tuesday, July 20

Oliver Stone: Grade-A stupid

AP reports that director Oliver Stone believes oil is too important to trust private companies with its discovery, production and refining. He said oil and other natural resources “belong to the people.”

Hey Oliver! Do you know a *single first-hand thing* about the business of drilling, producing and/or refining oil into the gasoline you use in your piston-engine car? I’m pretty sure you don’t, because if you knew one one-thousandth of what’s involved in that process, you’d give thanks every day for the folks whose brains and sweat and capital make that happen.

This nation uses around 19 Million barrels of oil every day, which takes a vast number of people and companies to find, produce, refine and deliver. And you really think the government could do this better? If so, you’re are a moron.

Imagine a government bureaucracy–say about the size of the one that runs that paragon of efficiency called Medicare/Medicaid–running all the oil in the U.S. How much fraud do you think there’d be? How many billion pounds of unnecessary paper–and people paid to push those papers?

The government can’t stay within a budget to save its life–and you want to turn something as vital as OIL over to those people? You’re absolutely NUTS!

Even with its absolute power to tax and legislate, and all the computing power available, and the ability to hire any experts it needed, the federal government couldn’t manage to keep Social Security solvent for more than a few decades. But you, dear stupid Oliver Stone, want to turn the huge American oil business…aw, fuck it. You leftists are naive morons and impervious to history, facts and logic.

When the bullet hits you between the eyes you STILL won’t know why the all-powerful govt turned on you. You'll be whining "I voted for Dear Leader! Really! I was one of his most dedicated supporters! Just call him--he'll tell you I am NOT supposed to be executed!"


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