Friday, July 16

It's been three years since my last post...!

It's been three years since the last time I signed in here, and what an astonishing three years it's been.

I'm confident no one predicted, back in June of 2007, that within just three years our nation and government would have changed so radically (which is exactly the right word):

* Federal government effectively owns controlling interest in the largest U.S. car maker, and one of the largest insurance companies;

* Government now controls medical care for all citizens except those in high government positions;

* The Dinosaur Media, after blasting George W. Bush for annual deficits of $170 or $200 billion, now have nothing bad to say about a deficit six times that large! (We passed one Trillion bucks last week, and still have a quarter of the fiscal year to go.)

* Unemployment at 9.4%--at least if you believe the government!

* Obama and his Democrat henchmen in congress are reportedly gearing up to cram two more economy-busting laws down our throats: A tax on carbon emissions by electric companies, and a measure that will eliminate the secret ballot in union certification elections--which rides under the deliberately misleading name of "Card Check." (Rule 234 for Democrats: Don't ever name bills what they really designed to do, to avoid making the stupid voters anxious!)

* Federal government giving $151 million to a foreign company to create a measly 300 jobs in a Michigan battery factory. (Yes, that does work out to half a million bucks per job!! I tells ya, those Democrats a *such* canny businessmen! Dey are SO smart when it comes to pickin' da winners in businesses.)

* Federal government refuses to enforce border security, forcing a border STATE to step up and do the job the Feds won't--and the Feds SUE the state for...some kind of bullshit theory.

It's all so amazing--by which I mean, anti-American, unConstitutional and just plain stupid and wrong-- that it's really hard to believe only 3 years have passed.

In the next few days (barring accidents) I'll be discussing the state of the country in more detail, try to get a handle on what's ahead, and possibly some things that can be done to make life to put it? Oh yeah: survivable.


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