Friday, July 16

Way back in the 1830's Alexis de Tocqueville said:
The American Republic will endure until politicians realize they can bribe the people with [the taxpayers'] own money.
Obama's and the Dems' "stimulus" is nothing more than vote buying, and lining the pockets of his and their political cronies. This corrupt patronage must stop. The most dangerous enemy of our Constitution is discretionary money in the hands politicians.

When government doles out money it is for political benefit, and only for political benefit.

Obama will spend whatever is necessary to get political capital out of [the success of a company that's been given federal (i.e. taxpayer) money] because that will convince voters that such programs are good. But in reality, Obama is just buying votes for himself and the Democrats, not creating jobs.

All the stimulus dollars have gone to friends of Dems. And there is a lot in reserve which will be poured into the unions as we get closer to the election. Those taxpayer dollars--your money, confiscated from YOU--will then find their way back to Democrat campaign warchests in the form of campiagn contributions by those same unions.

Your tax dollars, taken from you by the government and given to special interest groups, will be used to re-elect the same Dems who have taken us to almost 20% "real" unemployment and the continued strangling of businesses. The "Stimulus" is the Dems campaign treasure chest.

h/t to a commenter at Belmont, I think. Sorry I didn't grab their name!


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