Saturday, July 17

Any more cram-downs on the horizon?

Early polling suggests conservatives might pick up tens of seats in the House in November. With this in mind the Wall Street Journal's John Fund wonders whether Democratic congressional leaders may choose to try to use the so-called "lame duck" session between the election and the seating of the new House members--when they'll probably have a lot fewer Dem votes-- to cram through a tax on CO2 emissions and/or the misleadingly named "card check" bill.

Sound far-fetched? Well, since these bills are opposed by healthy majorities of the public, you'd think the Dems would be stupid to buck the will of their constituents yet again.

But of course, congressional Dems (and a few Repubs) have shown that they couldn't care less what a majority of their constituents think.

And if a Dem representative has already lost his or her seat, what would keep 'em from backing yet another unpopular bill just as a big F-U to the folks who just voted 'em out of office?

What's that you say? the Democratic congressional *leadership* would never try that, because they'd be risking the wrath of the electorate in the *next* House election in 2012? Ah... you seem to have forgotten that virtually all the congressional Dems (and a few Repubs) care not a fig for the power of the electorate, since they voted against a strong NO sentiment to pass the so-called "Health Care Reform Act."

So perhaps we need to reach out to *Democratic* voters: If your leaders take advantage of the lame-duck session to pass a CO2 tax --even if just on electricity producers--your electricity prices will go up by exactly the same amount. If that bothers you, you might let your congresscritters know that you won't be supporting them in the *next* election in 2012.

Probably won't do any good, but you'll feel better.


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