Saturday, July 17

"You hatin' conservatives can't DO that! Because..."

Over the next two years and four-ish months, Americans will have a ringside seat at a fight to take this country back from the brink of disaster--financial, social and political.

Some will throw up their hands and say it's too late, that there's not enough time or will to pull off a victory after we've lost so much ground to the socialist/"progressive"/leftist Dems. The pessimists may be right. But they WILL be right if we simply concede the outcome without a fight, eh?

Others--mostly but not exclusively from the Dem side-- will say, Yes, the government's addiction to spending more than the amount of tax revenue it takes in (or, when Dems control both houses of congress and the White House, to spending two or three or four times more!) unsettling BUT that we can't POSSIBLY cut back on entitlement programs because **that would be cruel to the poor**!!

Same with the recently-crammed so-called "Health Care Reform Act:" "You heartless, hatin' conservatives can't repeal THAT because that would be...*cruel to the poor.*"

But of course, well before Obamacare was crammed down our throats, America's health-care system was already arranged so that *no one was denied critical care because of inability to pay*. In fact, poor Americans (and illegal aliens) had learned they could use hospital emergency-rooms to get medical care for virtually any malady or accident-- at no cost *to themselves.*

Point is that ALREADY we don't have nearly enough money to cover the financial costs even of *current* government programs. So if the U.S. is to ever become solvent again, we've got to cut those programs back--by a fairly significant amount.

I don't want the poor--or anyone else-- to suffer from lack of medical care. But I don't find anything in the Constitution that says the federal government is *obligated* to provide health care for anyone. Nor anything that gives it the *power* to do so.

How did Americans cope with health problems before congress started throwing all these federal funds at the poor? If we stopped doing that--except for true emergency care--would the nation blow up?

I think the problem is, *most* politicians aren't very sophisticated when it comes to math. So what I think happens is, congresscritters pass programs to feel good about their own "compassion" --which also happens to buy votes from the beneficiaries--without paying much attention to future consequences.

America is like a jetliner with pilots who know how to take off and get to cruising altitude, but have never had any experience with what they need to do later.

Doesn't look good.


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