Tuesday, June 12

Remember this face the next time a Democrat wails that the gruberment shouldn't let you own a gun

The replicant below--because as you'll see it's most unlikely that he's a human being--stabbed a 31-year-old father to death in London for the victim's Rolex.

After the victim collapsed on the sidewalk, the replicant continued stabbing him for TWO MINUTES.

Police located the replicant last August but when they tried to arrest him he escaped by threatening them with a knife.  Cuz, see, the traitorous politicians of London--including their Muslim mayor--don't let their cops carry guns.

Replicant has a rap sheet going back to his teenage years.  But authorities wanted to keep him out of the "school to prison pipeline" so he never got more than a slap on the wrist as punishment.

Remember this story the next time a Democrat wails that we need to ban private gun ownership.

Replicant and killer, London


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