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In Prince George's county, MD, students and teachers terrorized by MS-13; administrators claim there's no problem

Riverdale, Maryland, has a gang problem.

At William Wirt Middle School, students and teachers say MS-13 is killing, raping, recruiting.  They relate hundreds of ghastly incidents.  Most of those interviewed asked not to be identified for fear of being fired--or being targeted by MS-13.

Some teachers are so afraid that they refuse to be alone with their students. Many said they had repeatedly reported incidents involving suspected gang members to administrators, only to be ignored — claims supported by documents obtained by The Washington Post.

But school adminishits say "We don' know nuffin' bout no gangs."

Gang-related fights are now a near-daily occurrence at Wirt, where a group of suspected MS-13 members at the overwhelmingly Hispanic school  sell drugs, draw gang graffiti and aggressively recruit students recently arrived from Central America, according to more than two dozen teachers, parents and students.

“Teachers feel threatened but aren’t backed up. Students feel threatened but aren’t protected,” one educator said. “The school is a ticking time bomb.”

One eighth-grader said she'd been raped last fall by a schoolmate and MS-13 member — an attack that took place off school property and that she reported to police, but then recanted out of fear of the gang.  With the student recanting her charge, Prince George’s investigators concluded the report was unfounded, but the girl said she now lives in fear the gang will stab her as she leaves school.

“MS dominates the school,” she said. “But I don’t even tell the security guards what goes on anymore because they don’t seem to care.”

Here's how you know who's lying:  Principal Rhonda Simley declined repeated requests for an interview, instead punting to a spokesliar for the county's school system, John White.  White sent this email to the Post:
“The principal is aware of concerns about gangs in the community, but has not experienced any problems in school.”
The Prince George police have an officer stationed at the school, but declined to discuss charges of gang violence.  Spokesliar Jennifer Donelan said
“This is their house, so we’re going to defer to school leadership.  If school security isn’t telling us about something, then we don’t know.”
Here's another way to tell who's lying: According to the police, they've been called to the school 74 times this school year.  School spokesliars said all such calls were probably for students crossing the street outside the crosswalks, littering, and cultural appropriation (whites girls wearing hoop earrings).

Although teachers estimate there are only a dozen or so MS-13 members at the school, they're so willing to rape, stab or kill other students that they cause chaos far out of proportion to their numbers.

Ten MS-13 members attacked a gang rival behind the school in February, hitting him in the back of the head with a baseball bat before stabbing him three times in the stomach, according to police.  [The Post didn't report whether he managed to survive.]

Dozens of schools on the east coast are dealing with a wave of violent murders by MS-13, which has been linked to grisly killings throughout the country. **The gang’s explosive growth has been fueled by a wave of 200,000 teens who--as the Post's reporter euphemistically puts it--"traveled to the United States alone."  They refuse to print the truth:  that the "teens" of unknown origin "entered the U.S. illegally," since that would make them..."illegal aliens," which is a term the Post refuses to print.

[Related:  MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed] 

Nearly 5,000 of these unaccompanied minors have arrived in Prince George’s county in just the past six years.  Nine out of 10 students at Wirt get "free" or reduced-price lunches.  Most are not reading or doing math at grade level.

One wonders what sort of intelligent, thinking people would craft rules and procedures that would create this outcome.

In an ironic twist, the very teachers whose school is being gutted by the violence of MS-13 gang members voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.

One teacher was stunned when, at the beginning of the school year, a handful of students continually shouted obscenities in class and threw objects around the classroom. The educator soon noticed the same students scrawling “MS-13” on papers, desks and their skin.  Several teachers said suspected MS-13 members had burst into classrooms and attacked students.

They bullied Spanish-speaking classmates and sexually harassed the girls in class. Several students openly counted cash, allegedly money earned from selling marijuana in Wirt’s bathrooms, transactions that a student and several parents also described to The Post.

The teacher complained to adminishits, but amazingly, they ignored the teacher's complaints, she said.  As soon as the gang members realized there was no punishment for bad behavior in class, this same behavior began to...wait for it...spread rapidly.  Who could have foreseen that?

School system spokesliar John White denied that administrators ignored complaints of gang activity, noting that neither school security guards nor the police officer there had reported problems.  (Recall that the spokesliar for the cops said "This is their house, and if the school doesn't tell us, it never happened.)

Documents obtained by The Post supported the educator’s account, however. And other employees offered similar stories. “We now have two to three fights per day,” one instructor said. “At this point, it’s completely out of control.”

Spokesliar White played down those reports.  “Do fights occur at the school? Yes, but fights also occur at other schools across the country,” he said. “We have no evidence that [gang activity] was the cause of any fights.”

White admitted that 32 students have been suspended this year for fighting, but quickly added that "Students are suspended at other schools all across the country.  We don't think our students are worse than anywhere else.  Rumors of problems are just rumors, planted by officials of the Trump administration."

I may have mis-translated that last sentence, since it was in bureaucratese.

(Later you'll see that the actual number of suspensions was 168, though only 32 were for "fighting."  The others were for "clumsy use of a pointy weapon," "threatening staff members with a knife over six inches in length," "selling underweight bags of weed," "having sex with teachers in a public area," "theft of more than $5000 of school equipment" and similar minor infractions.

In a recent emergency staff meeting principal Rhonda Simley attributed an uptick in violence to a “race war” between Hispanics — roughly 80 percent of the student body — and black students, according to people present.

School board spokesliar White acknowledged Simley used those words but said she actually meant "trade war," such as Trumpkin had just triggered with our closest allies, and would surely send the world into a fatal depression.

Teachers said the fights haven’t been over race but resistance to MS-13.

In the past, officers from Prince George’s police gang unit came to the school to teach employees to recognize indicators of MS-13 affiliation, like hand signs, colored rosaries and oddly, Nike "Cortez" shoes.

But this year, the gang unit never came, leaving first-year teachers to figure it out on their own — in some cases, too late.

One teacher said she was familiar with MS-13 from years of teaching in Los Angeles. But at Wirt, she said, administrators and police didn’t seem to be taking the issue seriously.  One of her colleagues described the administration’s stance on gangs as “don’t ask, don’t talk about it.”

Spokesliar White said the school takes gang activity seriously, and that the reason the police gang unit didn't come to the school this year was simply that the situation at the school had improved so much that the principal no longer felt the need for it.

Some employees said they are worried the school’s inaction will result in bloodshed. One teacher recalled watching school officials pull a large folding knife from a student’s pocket after receiving a tip he intended to stab someone. But the same student was back in class two weeks later. “These kids are getting a slap on the wrist,” the teacher said. “The school enables the gang through lack of enforcement.”

Teachers said serious incidents often aren’t entered into students’ records, following a policy from the Obama years that suspending students often put the poor dears on a "pipeline to prison," and that the solution was simply to stop punishing students unless they killed someone in front of more than 25 other students with two teachers as witnesses.

Spokesliar White said this was nonsense--that the school system follows county guidelines on discipline and that teachers aren’t required to be notified why students are suspended. Students had been suspended 168 times this year, he said, but quickly added that none had been expelled.  "We want to keep kids out of the prison pipeline," he said.

Several teachers said they've been threatened by students in MS-13.  One female teacher was sexually harassed by a suspected gang member, her colleagues said.

A typical incident: A 14-year-old girl arrived in the United States from some country the Post didn't think was relevant, and was placed with relatives.  When her uncle gave her some Nike Cortez sneakers, the girl posted a picture online of her wearing them.

Then the threats began.  “Which [gang] do you represent?” asked an older girl in Spanish on Facebook last fall. “If you wear Corteses you know what kind of trouble you’re in.”

The girl said she didn’t mean anything by it, but it was too late.

“I already have you being watched,” the older girl said. “You go to William [Wirt] and you’re in 8th [grade] and I also know where you live.”

Days later, the girl was sleeping when she began receiving messages from a boy, she recalled. It was well after midnight, but the seventh-grader told her to come outside, where he and some friends were waiting in a car. When she didn’t reply, he began angrily calling her. They were MS-13, she recalled him saying, and if she didn’t come out then they would come in and kill her and her family.

They took her to an apartment where the boy showed her an array of knives.

“He said he could cut my guts out,” she told The Post.

The girl described the attack to Prince George’s and Bladensburg police that day. She said her assailant chose her from several girls at the apartment.  “He said, ‘I’m taking this one,’ ” she told a female officer, according to a recording her father made of the interview. “He began to touch me. The other ones left, and he began to take off my clothes.”

When she told him to stop, he took out a knife and said, “Look what I have here,” she said.  He then raped the 14-year-old.

But later, when a male officer questioned her, the girl began to worry that the gang would come after her, so she recanted, she told The Post.

The girl spent the next couple of weeks at home, angry and depressed, she said. When she returned to school, she and her father met with school officials. She said she told them she had been raped by a student in MS-13, and identified him, but the school took no action.

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Another mother said she had brought her son to America as a baby to escape gang violence in El Salvador. So she was shocked when her son, now 13, told her MS-13 was trying to recruit him at Wirt.

“They told me if I didn’t fight, they’d stick the knife in me,” she recalled him saying. She, too, saw videos of her son fighting in the school’s bathrooms. And she, too, went to the school to demand it do something.

The girl who alleges she was raped said the same boy also threatened her with a gun he brought to school, and another MS-13 member put two bullets in her hoodie as a warning.  The girl said she reported the gun incident to school security.  Spokesliar White said the gun incident was not reported.

As she walked down the steps of the school last month, she passed the MS-13 member who had threatened her.  She said as he passed he muttered in Spanish “I’m going to give you such a beating, girl.” I'm reading all this--in the left-wing WaPo, which means they're not telling us a tenth of the whole story--I'm thinking, Seems to me we've heard that story about "Don't report serious problems to the cops, so we can look good and keep poor widdle innocent kiddies out of the 'school-to-prison pipeline'" before.  When was it?

Oh yeah:  When that nutter in Florida shot 17 students.  And I'm thinking, these idiot adminishits in the Prince George's County school system are just as dim-witted as the goofy leftists at Parkland:  "Let's all ignore any problems, cuz that will make any problems magically go away."


[Extensively edited from ‘A ticking time bomb’: MS-13 threatens a middle school, warn teachers, parents, students  by Michael E. Miller  WaPo, June 11, 2018]


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