Tuesday, June 12

Sweden's biggest soccer tourny won't be serving pork--because shut up.

Next month Sweden will host its largest soccer tournament, with an estimated 37,000 players from all over.

When planning their menu, the organisers decided not to include any pork products.  (Pork of any kind is forbidden in Islam.)

A journalist was curious as to why the organizers didn't feature pork as one of several entree choices, since players would have an option.  He asked the chief organizer, Lena Rönnefors, and got a rather defensive non-answer:
“What is the question? What are you wondering about? We have no complaints on the menu, so it’s great.”
And note that in this case there doesn't seem to have been a snarl or threat or demand from the Muzz, but a pre-emptive effort by an organization to avoid sparking a protest.

Now, the issue here isn't the loss of choice at a soccer match none of us will play in.  Rather, I note this incident to show how ready organizations and governments are to concede to Islam on...well, anything, actually.  Pols and organizers are scared to death about possibly angering people who often start shooting when someone doesn't do something their way.

This time it was taking bacon off the breakfast, but what will Europeans do when Muslims demand that churches be banned from ringing their bells?  Oh wait, that's already happened.  Answer:  the town complied.

How about bans on smoking and alcohol in parts of cities controlled by Muslims.  Yep, that's already been decided too.

How about banning the sale of pork and bacon in some towns?  How about demanding that all women must wear a full-face cover in "their" areas?  Cuz both those are coming.  Just a matter of how long.

And the elected politicians in each nation will be the ones leading the charge to surrender to 'em, on anything they demand.  Cuz, diversity, citizen.  Tolerance.  "Freedom of religion"--well, at least of ONE religion, anyway.


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