Wednesday, June 20

Among whites, more deaths than births in 26 states

The NY Times piece at this link is badly written, in the sense that the most significant information is buried far down in it.   What matters isn't the number of states, but how the whole U.S. is doing.  And it turns out white deaths are now exceeding births for the U.S. as a whole for the first time in our history.

That crossing point was actually reached--with very little publicity--two years ago.  But now, just two years later, according to the author of the report “It’s happening a lot faster than we thought.”

One reason is that the median age for Hispanics in the United States is 29--prime childbearing age--compared to a median age of 43 for whites.  And yes, part of that is due to the young age of illegal-alien immigrants.  But another part is the choice of how many children to have, if any.

Most foreigners--especially from relatively primitive nations--have far more children than non-Hispanic Americans do.  More non-Hispanic Americans are either delaying marriage or deciding not to have children, or just one.  Part of this trend seems to be that increasing numbers of men under about 30 have noticed that men who marry run a huge risk of losing everything in a divorce, so choose not to marry.

On the other side, due to a combination of more working women, and the government now providing a safety net for everyone, women don't need to marry to have at least a reasonably good standard of living.  So from the female side too, the impetus to marry--and to have two or more children--is dropping fast.

If you're white and love the country you know and grew up in, the idea of whites becoming a minority--predicted for around 2045--may be unsettling.  By stark contrast, Democrats, socialists, communists, La Raza, and whites fatally afflicted with "white guilt" will cheer this as a great milestone.

And if you doubt that last the comments at the link above.  But don't do it if you have a weak stomach, because they are absolutely hateful.  Ghastly.  Spilling over with anti-white hate.

May God help your children and grandchildren.


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