Sunday, June 10

A summary of "progressive" law-breaking in the election and afterward

The left's hostility to President Trump is unprecedented in American political history.

The Left's "resistance" movement began just seconds after Trump was declared to have won the election.  It was triggered not by anything Trump had actually done (obviously), but by the Left's refusal to accept any candidate they didn't like.

So-called "progressives" are becoming increasingly aggressive toward any who disagree with them. The left's opinion of the president, echoed in every left-leaning corner of the media, is that he is illegitimate; incompetent; racist; sexist; and, in some vague and inchoate sense, "fascist."

By contrast, progressives portray themselves as reasonable people, even as they're bashing a conservative in the head with a bike lock.

If the Left has vowed to "resist" the president, it implies that the left refuses to accept any president other than one from their own ranks.  In other words, the left now demands the right to govern permanently, regardless of the outcome of elections. 

The behavior of Obama partisans within the FBI and Justice Department, and of the Mueller probe that grew out of it, is precisely what one might expect of a radicalized opposition. It appears that under President Obama, high officials undertook to place spies--or as they cunningly lie, merely "informants"--in the Trump campaign.  They claim this was done because they were horrified by evidence that Trump was "colluding" with Russia to steal the election, but this cover story is falling apart day by day, as we find that all the putative "evidence" that triggered the FBI/DOJ spying came from fake information generated by Democrats--including the Clinton campaign.

Clearly, the spying was really intended to ensure Trump wouldn't win.  In other words, the left sought to ensure that it retained control regardless of the will of the results of the election.

When Clinton lost, the Left went into overdrive, using unprecedented tactic of raiding the home and office of the president's personal attorney and seizing correspondence between the president and that  attorney.  This ignores the long-accepted attorney-client privilege.  It's a move we'd expect of a fascist state.

As Gregg Jarrett reports, there is "strong circumstantial evidence" to suspect that high officials colluded to undermine the Trump campaign and the presidency, and that they employed criminal means to do so. If true, this amounts to nothing less than "an insidious plot unprecedented in American history" – one that would, if successful, have destroyed American democracy and replaced it with what would amount to the beginnings of a permanent leftist dictatorship.

No American, regardless of party preference, should fail to see the seriousness of these events. The Watergate break-in and the cover-up that followed was a serious crime, but it was nothing compared to what is now alleged on the part of members of the Obama administration. 

The Democratic Party has been radicalized to the extent that illegal behavior now seems to be an everyday reality. Hopefully, leaders within that party will realize the dangerous ground they are on and pull back before further crimes take place. If not, America will suffer even more division – in effect, a political civil war – with great damage to our republic.

H/T Jeffrey Folkes at American Thinker.


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