Friday, May 18

Trump calls MS-13 "animals;" Lying Mainstream Media and Dems go nuts

A few days ago president Trump called members of the notorious, ultra-violent MS-13 gang "animals."

Which is an insult to animals, but you get the point.

The Lying Mainstream Media immediately went on the attack, claiming Trump was saying ALL immigrants were animals.  This was patently untrue, but they saw a chance to score points, so...

Other than fanning the flames of Trump-hate, another reason for the Lying Mainstream Media's attack was that the president's comment challenged the Democrats' most basic position on immigration — their claim that illegal immigration is good.

Tucker Carlson nailed it:  "MS-13 is a living reminder that the left’s position on immigration is fundamentally a lie. The media tell you every day that every immigrant, legal or not, is a future brain surgeon or tech company founder. "

If that were true, immigration control wouldn't be necessary.  But MS-13 is incredibly evil, and if the Dems are forced to admit this, they’d be admitting that open-borders --a great idea for Democrat politicians--are a horrible idea for American citizens.

The point of immigration law is to sort the good from the bad.  Democrats--as led by Pelosi's absurd statement--don't want the U.S. to do that.


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