Friday, May 25

DOJ/FBI "redact" price of a conference table ordered by McCabe...cuz, national security

Democrats, echoed endlessly by the Lying Mainstream Media:  The only reason FBI and DOJ have "redacted" documents is to avoid the grave damage to our national security that would occur if they turned over the unprotected documents to the House or senate.  You can totally trust both us and the FBI/DOJ, because none of us would ever lie to the American public.  Swearsies.

Well...two days ago Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed that in one of the docs the senate had demanded that the FBI produce, the FBI had "redacted" (blacked out) the cost of an expensive conference table ordered by former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was fired for lying under oath. 

Cost of the conference table?  $70,000.

Ah, so this is what the FBI considers a "national security issue," eh?

But you can totally trust them, citizen.  Blacking out this number was just an accident.  The FBI and DOJ only black out something in a document did that go again?  Oh yeah: "to avoid doing grave damage to national security."   Yeh, dat's it.  But of course accidental "redactions" do happen.  Cuz we're all just human, right citizen?  And besides, the task of redacting was left to some low-level minor bureaucrat, just like the guy in Hilliary's State Department who signed off on the sale of 15% of our uranium leases to a company controlled by Russia.  Cuz we can't expect top people to do that sort of trivial scut-work.

Oooh, wait: Grassley said many of the redactions within the documents made no sense, and clearly were not made to protect national security secrets. can totally trust the DOJ under the fabulously ethical Rod Rosenstein.  Yep yep yep.


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