Wednesday, March 21

Update on faked temperature data--faked by NASA and NOAA

The graph below is just the latest episode in the revelation of a huge, organized, government lie, run by left-wing lying rat-bastards in the "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration" and NASA.

Yes, that NASA.

Here's how it works: The blue line shows actual measured average temperatures, going back 120 years or so.  The line shows temperatures are very slightly cooler than their peak in 1930's--the infamous Dust Bowl.

The orange line shows what NOAA calls "adjusted" temperatures, which it then publishes as the "official" temperatures.  And NASA's Goddard Space Center does exactly the same thing.

Notice any trend there?
"Oooh, I'll take "Brazen Bullshit" for $1000, Alex"

So a fair question here is, by what nutty, irrational rationale do NOAA and NASA lefty "scientists" claim that that the, y'know, actual temperatures read from actual, real thermometers back in 1927 are wrong, but that 60 or 70 years later, NASA and NOAA munchkins feel free to change those measurements?

Anybody?  Bueller?

But wait, citizen, you don't understand!  These, uh... adjustments weren't just guesses pulled out of someone's ass, but were all done by a...wait for it!  And as you should know, anything done by a computer is totally unbiased and accurate, right?

Except...folks who know jack-sh*t about physics and thermodynamics and heat transfer and infrared absorption and statistics said "Okay, that's fine.  Show us the algorithm your wunnerful computer used to make these adjustments."

And NASA and NOAA said "Oh, it's very complex.  You couldn't possibly understand it."

And the folks who know...all the stuff above said "Oh really?  Try us, assholes."

And NASA and NOAA said "Ah, well...even though we know you couldn't possibly understand it, we won't show it to you,'s proprietary.  We made it, so we own it, so we don't have to show it to you peon taxpayers.  So piss off."

And the folks cetera...sued NASA in federal court.  The judge ruled that since NASA is funded by the public, and they didn't claim any national-security exemption, they had to comply.

NASA still hasn't revealed the algorithm. 

This deception has been going on for about 15 years.  And the agencies are continuing to adjust both past and current temperatures--reducing past temps and raising more recent ones.  The graph below shows the average adjustments of temps that were measured in given years--both up and down:

As you see, recent "adjusted" temperatures (i.e. the new "official" record) have all been raised, while older ones have been lowered.  Very consistent.

Interestingly, in recent years many of these adjustments are due to simply making up data.  Every month, a certain percentage of the 1,218 United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) stations fail to report their data.  This missing data is marked in the database with an ā€œEā€ ("estimated")  In 1970 about 10% of the data was missing, but in recent years almost half the entries are estimated.  In those cases the missing temperature is estimated by NOAA using a computer model--meaning that almost half of the current adjusted data is fake.
So to summarize:  Almost half the current data is missing, so "estimated."  Further, these "estimates" (fake data) are always higher for recent years.  Finally, the agencies altering this critical temperature data refuse to disclose the alleged "program" they claim is used to make the "adjustments."

Interesting.  Oh, wait...all together now:  "Government agencies would NEVER lie this brazenly!  Next you'll be claiming that top officials in the FBI tried to fix the 2016 presidential election!"


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