Thursday, March 22

Yet another bullsh*t paper from leftist/liberal professors

Most rational adults would think scientific principles are universal. 

But to the mavens of academia, scientific principles are raaaacist, so the mavens demand that those principles give way to political correctness:

Naturally you think this is hyperbole.  But in a recent paper professors Cheryl E. Matias and Paul T. Le claim scientific principles are merely a construct of "whiteness" designed to thwart "our hope for diversity.”  Seriously.

They imply that scientific principles aren’t really valid, but are simply tools to "thwart our hope for diversity."  To the authors it follows that white people and Western Civilization are bad.
Much of the way western nations teach science erases the values and culture of indigenous people.  Therefore our science is out of touch with the experiences of our students of Color [sic] and instead represent [sic] post-colonial discourses of White power and control over people of Color [sic] via forcing the internalization of Western science knowledge.
Got it yet?  "Our science" is "out of touch with the experiences of students of Color," and thus represents "White power and control over people of Color," by "forcing the internalization of Western science knowledge.

Wow.  And here we thought science was based on universal principles and objective reality, and was colorblind, instead of being based wishful thinking and pernicious nonsense, like the bullshit hate-fanning papers being shoveled into young people’s heads by nutty leftist professors.

Seems to me western civilization flourished long before slavery became a black-vs.-white issue, and expanded precisely because western thinkers recognized science as being reality-based and universally discoverable.  Do the authors have what they believe is the real explanation for, say, gravity?  How about nuclear fission, cell biology or Faraday's law of induction?

How about any discovery in science?

Take your time.  I'll wait.

How much distance is there between "Western science represents white power and control over people of color" and "Don't you dare put any girls in school ever again!" (Nigerian Boko haram muslims on returning 100 school girls kidnapped two days ago)?


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