Monday, March 19

Fakebook yanking conservative posts is the attitude the FBI used; and Dems don't see a problem

For some months now Fakebook has been removing or restricting access to conservative posts.  But they're cunning, clever:  They disguise their campaign as simply "opposing hate speech."  And who could get upset about opposing "hate speech," right?

But wait...who decides what's defined or identified as "hate speech"?

Glad you asked, citizen.  Fakebook wants to make sure you know they're not just making this decision themselves.  Instead they've asked a number of "partners"--every one of which is a left-wing organ--to do that for them.  And Fakebook tells you that these partners are, ooh, totally unbiased, totally objective.

That's total horse-shit, of course, but Democrats and libs believe it.  And even if you showed Democrats the bias, the wouldn't have a problem with it.  Cuz, like, liberals and Democrats just know better than you, eh?

And finally it dawns on ya:  This attitude--"We know better than you, so you can trust us to ensure that you don't read stuff we don't want you to"--is exactly the "logic" Andy McCabe, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page et al employed to refuse to charge Hilliary, and to try to prevent Trump's election.

It's how all totalitarians work:  Stalin, Kim Jong-Un, the mullahs of Iran--you name it.  They just know best, right?  Why should they let you hurt yourself by making a wrong decision when they can make it for you, eh?   Saves so much trouble, so many mistakes!

If Fakebook was owned and run by conservatives, and yanked posts by liberals, how do you think the mainstream lying media would put up with it?  Think that might be a big story with lotsa screaming?


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