Friday, December 1

Moronic university newspaper prints long white-hating rant; must be a day ending in a "Y"

Do many hispanics hate white Americans?  Well one student at a Texas university certainly seems to.  A precious snowflake/communist/idiot by the name of Rudy Martinez wrote a *very* long hate-filled rant against whites, which the hispanic editor of his school's moronic paper decided was faabulous enough to actually print.

Some highlights:  "Whiteness in the United States is a construct used to perpetuate a system of racist power."  “White death will mean liberation for all.”  "I hate [whites] because you shouldn’t exist,”

 Texas State University's student newspaper has been criticized for running a column on how being white is "an abomination."

When a few hundred commenters complained about this, the idiot, racist *editor* of this rag made a typical liberal non-apology, saying “We acknowledge that the column could have been clearer in its message."

"Could have been clearer"?  No, the piece was totally clear:  The author hates whites, and the editor either agrees with the message or is merely totally incompetent in printing it.

Civil war.  It's coming.


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