Tuesday, November 28

NY professor claims "white families" support white supremacy just by existing


By now it's well-known that the socialists, militant feminists and marxists (all of whom cunningly call themselves "progressives") who rule universities hate white people.  They also hate white families.

Naturally you think that's hyperbole:  You can't imagine why anyone would hate the justly-praised concept of "the family"--the basic building-block of civilized society.  I understand.  It's crazy--which is par for the course for these wackos.

So click here to see for yourself as a sociology professor at the City University of New York argues that “the white-nuclear family” perpetuates racism.

Jessie Daniels--a self-described “expert on race”-- begins by declaring that “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy.”

This malevolent, evil orc believes raising and providing for children is deplorable, even though study after study shows that children raised in intact, well-adjusted families are far more likely to be productive, well-adjusted adults.  They're far less likely to commit crimes or abuse others.

Nevertheless, marxists, fans of black power and militant feminists demonize white families.  Marxists see the family as reducing the power of the totalitarian State.  Militant feminists hate the classic family because it relied on a confident, competent father--something militant feminists hate.

You'd think that rational blacks would support the idea of the nuclear family because of its obvious advantages in raising well-adjusted, functional children.  But by all appearances militant blacks seem to denigrate the idea of family, probably for the same reason so many moronic, angry black thugs ridicule blacks who study hard and do well in school:  They view it as "acting white."

Similarly, one could speculate that militant blacks hate the idea of the nuclear family simply because whites support the idea.  Thus any black person who supports the idea of the nuclear family is demonized for "acting white."

Twisted freaks like this female professor are trying to destroy the family.  Her co-religionists in academia or militant feminism may believe they're doing this in the insane belief that this will make a better world.  I think that's clearly nuts, but in any case their reasons for trying to destroy families don't matter to me at all.  These people are enemies of civilization. 

And crazy.


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