Tuesday, May 9

Obamacare policy cancellations

What does it tell you when a political party--in this case Democrats--defines doubled health insurance premiums, $10,000 deductibles, taking away the doctors of half the population, forcing men to buy insurance for ovarian cancer and forcing insurance companies to cover sex-change surgery as... "a huge success"?

And here's another aspect of that so-called "huge success:"  the number of people in various states who have had their Obamacare policies cancelled, either because insurers withdrew from their areas or because state exchanges collapsed.

By the way, figures weren't available for all states, and commenters from states shown without numbers claimed they'd had their policies cancelled, so the real total is probably higher.

So when Dems wail about all the folks who will or may or might or something lose health insurance under the GOP plan, keep in mind that over three million hard-working, taxpaying citizens lost theirs because the original "affordable health care act" was so horribly devised.

As Gruber said, they never would have gotten it passed if the public had known the truth about it.


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