Sunday, April 2

George Soros announces free two-week trips for college students to see how socialism works!

Yesterday the Soros Foundation announced it would award free 2-week trips to college students who want to see how much better socialism works for people than capitalism.

The first 1000 students to respond will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Venezuela.  Tropical paradise!  Drinks included. 
  •  Participate in worker-managed planning sessions!
  •  Accompany government enforcement teams as they ensure greedy business owners --"oligarchs"-- sell at fair prices!
  • Marvel at the glorious equality of all ordinary citizens!
  • Learn how wonderful socialist policies enable ordinary Venezuelans to stay so fit!  Unlike lazy capitalist countries, you won't see any fat locals anywhere!
  • See how ordinary citizens love their president--unlike stressful capitalist nations like the U.S!
  • See how peaceful life is in the socialist paradise--newspapers almost never mention crime! 
Remember, only the first 1000 students who respond will win!  To respond, click the link below:
  FREE TRIP TO SEE HOW WELL SOCIALISM WORKS, courtesy of Soros Foundation!


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