Wednesday, March 22

Government agency plants "poison bombs" to kill "wildlife," end up killing dogs

You'll find this one hard to believe:  The insane federal government has a totally Orwellian-misnamed "Department of Wildlife Services."  And what service does this group of thugs provide to wildlife?

It kills them.  By the thousands.

And one of the ways it does this is with a fatal gadget called a "cyanide bomb."  It uses bait to attract coyotes--and dogs.  When the animal tugs on the bait the bomb fires cyanide powder into its mouth.

Last week in Idaho a boy was walking with his dog.  The dog found one of the bombs and was killed.

The family later found a second bomb "within yards of the family's home."

A spokesperson for the government agency claimed that the agency would never plant the devices near a home without getting the owners' permission, but the family insists they were never told about the device.

This whole program needs to be scrapped.  The government shouldn't be in the business of killing coyotes or wolves...or dogs.


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