Sunday, March 26

This will re-direct you to the GoFundMe page for Venezuela set up by American Social Justice Warriors

Donate to help the starving people of Venezuela!

The ordinary people of Venezuela are starving, because the country doesn't produce enough food to feed itself and no longer has the cash to import enough food! 

Or toilet paper, for that matter.

It's so bad that people have been sneaking into the zoos at night and butchering the animals for food.  Really.

You might think this crisis could have something to do with the policies of their socialist government, but that's absolutely untrue.  Socialism is great, works great, and you need to support it.  Really.  Just ask Hillary or Obama or Bernie or damn near every entertainer and member of the media.

And that's about all the parody I can muster:  You'd think that as much as all of the above love socialism, and are trying to send this nation down that path, that they might, conceivably, reach into their own pockets to help.

Not a chance.  They love their money, but they're quite willing for the U.S. to bail out the socialists if they can force you to contribute your hard-earned bucks--via federal taxes, obviously.

Remember this parody the next time one of the folks on that faux donation list whines that the government needs to provide free _____ to people.  Cuz nothing's free--everything is paid for by someone, sooner or later.  And in this case by taxpayers, under threat of prison if they don't pay.


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