Wednesday, March 22

Two immigrant males rape 14-year-old girl in Maryland high school restroom. Liberals fire up the excuse machine..

Last Thursday a 14-year-old girl at a Maryland high school was brutally raped and sodomized in a campus bathroom stall by two males--an 18-year-old from Guatemala and a 17-year-old from Honduras.  One was in the U.S. illegally.

A Border Patrol agent stopped the Guatemalan in Texas in August 2016 and determined he’d entered the country illegally from Mexico.  He was ordered to appear before an immigration judge, but even though six months have passed since his apprehension, the hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Wonder how all the liberals who support open borders and Obozo's amnesty feel about this?
   1.  "We need more immigrants, because they add so much diversity to our nation!  Remember, 'diversity is our greatest strength," comrade.

   2.  "Acting up with girls is probably a cultural thing in their countries, so we musn't question it.  Remember, all cultures are equal, by definition.  It would be unspeakably bad and supremacist of us to insist that these young men abandon their culture just because we disagree with one of their rituals."  Remember, comrade, 'Diversity is our greatest strength!'"

   3.  "These poor young men were probably just over-stressed by trying to cope with the pressure of attending the 9th grade at ages 17 or 18.  We should probably put 'em with younger girls so they wouldn't feel so conflicted."

   4.  "What kind of girl wanders around the halls of a school at 9a.m. on a school day?  And how was she dressed?  We know that's no excuse when American males are concerned but these poor immigrant lads simply aren't raised to know how to cope with girls who dress provocatively.  Again, we don't want them to have to abandon their wonderful, diverse cultures to be just like Americans. 
   So while we don't allow awful, out-of-control American males to use the 'she was asking for it' excuse, diversity demands that we accommodate these poor young immigrants as much as possible."

   5.  "American males commit these acts all the time, so it's hypocritical to blame immigrants.  You stupid Rethuglicans are just singling out this one crime as showing something significant, when in reality it doesn't show anything useful."

But the proof of liberal insanity is that the Dem-controlled legislature of Maryland has passed a bill declaring the entire state a "sanctuary area."  Cuz this brutal rape--inside a school, during school hours--by two immigrants (one illegal) proves nothing, citizen.



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