Sunday, April 2

Dem: "This photo does NOT show that North Korea is less prosperous than the free South!"

From Nanny Pelosi (who not too long ago was--Lord help us--Speaker of the House of Representatives!):

"A supporter sent me this photo she found on a right-wing-extremist site.  The caption with it said the photo shows that capitalist societies are far more prosperous than those governed by progressives.   

The person who sent the photo understandably thought it was a fake-- something called a "photoshop."  After all, common sense says it's impossible for an entire nation not to have any lights on at night.  But as we Democrats know, our opponents will go to any lengths to discredit progressive government and policies.

The person who sent me the photo asked if I could use my many contacts--from my years of government service -- to see if the photo was a fake.  So I asked three sources we all trust to tell us the truth-- the New York Times, CNN and the CIA. 

All three said the photo was taken on Earth Day. 

As you all know, all scientists agree that the Earth is being dangerously warmed by carbon dioxide, produced by polluting carbon fuels.  One of the things Democrats do on Earth Day is turn off lights to show our love for the planet, and to renew our vital pledge to reduce CO2 emissions.  The progressive leaders of North Korea joined progressive Democrats here in the U.S. in turning off all outside lights, but the greedy capitalists of South Korea refused to support our planet.

This is yet another example of how Trump supporters lie to try to make you think progressive governance -- the types of policies supported by members of our Democratic party -- are bad. 

So let me reassure you that according to the New York Times, CNN and the CIA-- the sources I've relied on for my whole career-- this picture doesn't represent the truth about North Korea.  In fact, they tell me North Korea is actually more prosperous than the south, because of the progressive policies of its leaders.  For example, North Korea hardly emits any CO2.

So please continue to support our Democratic party and help us get this country back on a solid, progressive track.


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