Tuesday, March 21

Watch as Dems suddenly realize that under Trump, a 3% economic growth rate is just AWFUL. But Obama....

I'd like to show you how cleverly--and effortlessly--Democrat opinion-makers fool the naive:  Vox is a solidly left-democrat website.  At the bottom of the graphic below--under the heading "Latest News"--is the phrase
"Trump promised 4 percent growth.  Here's why we'll be very lucky to hit 3."
"See, citizen:  Trump lied to you, touting an unrealistic, unachievable growth rate.  So you'd be a fool to trust anything he says."

What Vox didn't mention--understandably--was...during the 8 years of emperor Obama's brilliant policies the U.S. economy never reached even a 3 percent growth rate.  It was the first time in our history that the economy failed to do that for 8 years in a row.

Vox was fine with this performance when Obozo was running things into the ground.  But now that the hated enemy holds the presidency, suddenly 3 percent is just AWFUL!

And notice how beautifully they did this:  Not a lie, just changing the definition of what's "good."

Also known as "moving the goalposts."  And they do it constantly.


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