Saturday, March 18

WaPo changes headline to hide the fact that illegal aliens are getting food stamps

The Washington Post has been a lover of Democrats and a shrill opponent of all things Republican for as long as I've been alive.  Two days ago they ran a story under the headline "Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear Trump will deport them."

The first thing I'd like you to note is how the header deliberately refuses to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants.  The former have nothing to fear.  The latter are justifiably worried:  sneaking into the U.S. illegally and then getting food stamps, free housing and in some cases taxpayer-provided attorneys to help them avoid deportation.  Fine deal, eh?

Next is the routine demonization of Trump:  He's demonized for simply enforcing valid law.  But you wouldn't know that from the headline--or the text of the story.

But much as that accomplished the mission for the Post, some editor was irked by the headline--cuz it implicitly admitted that illegal aliens were getting food stamps.  WAIT, according to Democrats that can't possibly happen!  So need to change the headline to remove the implicit admission.  And if we can demonize Trump even more, that would be even better.  Oooh, what to do???

Got it!  Instead of just saying they're "cancelling their food stamps," why not drop the "food stamp" angle and just say they're being starved by dat eeeebil Trump guy?  Yeh, dat's bettah.

Is there a single honest asshole in the entire Lying Media?  Nah.  All Demorats.


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