Friday, February 10

Dem pols, Leftist leaders, professors and opinion-shapers continue to fan the flames of war

Influential leftists in the U.S.--Democrat congresswhores, college professors, editors, "journalists," TV newsreaders, BLM shriekers, Hollywood wailers et cetera-- are continuing to fan the flames of hate, envy and grievance among their followers at a frightening pace. 

Not a single day passes without one of the above assholes screaming about how horribly victimized their hapless followers are.  And the powers victimizing 'em are always the same: white males, corporations (always, always portrayed as evil), Republicans, conservatives and Christians.  (At first I wrote "anyone religious" instead of "Christians," but you may have noticed that not a SINGLE person among the group listed at the top has uttered a single word critical of...Islam.  Amazing, isn't it?  The only religion they hate and demonize is...Christianity.  Hmmm....)

The two 'grafs above are hugely, critically important-- because a huge number of the left's 'foot soldiers' are either stupid or uneducated.  So when their leaders scream about how the followers have been victimized and oppressed, the followers believe it completely.

That's a problem because a small percentage of all people--regardless of political philosophy--are literally crazy.  And statistically, some fraction of this group will pick up a weapon and stab or shoot or bomb whoever their leaders have told 'em are the people oppressing 'em--as happened last summer when blacks murdered of 5 cops in Dallas, 3 in Baton Rouge and several in NYC.

The leaders of the left--both official and mere opinion-shapers (professors, MSNBC hosts, actors, entertainers, "journalists"--are as guilty of murder as someone who torches an occupied building. 

Either they don't believe that their claims that their followers are oppressed/vicitimized motivate their followers to murder, or else they simply don't care.  Either way, I have a huge problem with that.

Short answer:  Bodies in the streets by August.  Not "demonstrations" (the euphemism the mainstream Lying Media uses for riots) but *dead* bodies.

Because leftist leaders and their followers think this country is awful, evil, oppressive or similar, they think killing is a necessary first step toward changing it completely to something they think will work "better."  But if you think this is a pretty damn great country as-is, you need to understand who's leading the march to inevitable civil war:  Leftist leaders and opinion-shapers.  You should realize who is trying to kill you and your kids.

Think this is hyperbole?  Half a dozen semi-influential leftists have *tweeted* some variation of "Trump should be assassinated."  (Tweets are significant because the author deny writing it or claim he or she was misquoted.)

My leftist friends immediately respond with "But that's exactly what the Right did when Obama was president!"

Really?  Show me a *single* *verifed* instance of a conservative *opinion-shaper* who did that.

Take all the time you like.  I'm happy to wait.  After all, if what you claimed actually happened then *surely* there would be some record on Google or some other search engine.

You can't find one *from an opinion-shaper*, because it didn't happen.  I don't doubt that some unknown said something along those lines, but the difference--and it's HUGE--is that today the people calling for Trump to be killed are *well-known opinion-shapers* who are read or heard by thousands.  So their exhortations are multiplied exponentially.

So if you're an ordinary American who loves this country, what can you do to change the nearly-certain outcome?  Not much, frankly.  You can't stop the Left's leaders from urging their followers to riot and kill.  What you can do is boycott the mainstream media, and companies that support the left.  Turn off the television--especially their so-called news programs.  If the newspaper in your city leans left, cancel your subscription and tell 'em why.

One other thing:  Leftists have called for a "national strike" on Feb 17th.  To show how much power they have, they urge people not to buy anything or spend money that day. If you can buy something or go out to a nice dinner that day, do it.

BTW, I'm not at all a Trump fan.  I'll readily admit that the guy makes dumb tweets every day, and has no sense of diplomacy or decorum.  He gives his opponents endless opportunities to roast him, and the Dems--understandably--don't miss a single one.  And I predict that the Left/Dems will indeed succeed in peeling away enough GOP support in congress [spit] to block most of his ideas and basically neutralize him.  But what the Left is moving toward with fanning the flames of envy, jealousy and alleged "oppression" by whites is...war.

Bodies in the streets by August.


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