Wednesday, January 18

New course at Berkeley: Anti-Trump

A Berkeley professor has announced plans for a course bitching about "the racist and cognitive dysfunctions produced by Trump.”  It'll include an immigration lawyer who will discuss “the xenophobia of Trump’s campaign” and an economist who will touch on mitigation of the "impending climate catastrophe.”

The professor said he felt obligated to create the course, calling it a course that “must be done” because of the "concerns" surrounding a Trump presidency.

When asked if any pro-Trump professors would be participating, Sahlins dishonestly deflected, saying that the class “is not intended as a platform for people to air their political opinions,” when of course that is exactly what it is:  The professor gets paid by both students and taxpayers to 'wave the bloody shirt' and fire up volatile snowflakes, while shilling for the Democrat party.

Typical of most academics, frankly.


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