Wednesday, January 18

What do leftist thugs mean by "By any means necessary" to force Trump out of office?

People dedicated to overturning the rule of law in the U.S. have printed posters stating their plan not only to disrupt the inauguration "by any means necessary," but have added "Trump must go."  (See pic below.)  They want open borders, no deportations for any reason, and amnesty for all illegal aliens in the U.S.

Question:  Will they use force or violence to achieve their goal?

Keep in mind that they're likely to deny that, but they've certainly fired up the anger in lots of their supporters.  And because a lot of these people don't seem very bright, firing up a dumb-shit is foreseeably likely to result in one of said dumbshits shooting someone.

In most states it's totally illegal to "incite" another to violence.  You can go to jail for that. 

Of course no California DA is gonna arrest one of their homies.  Will any federal official intervene?  Probably not.

So where does this leave us?


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