Friday, January 27

Mainstream media touts Obama popularity--ignores actual survey showing the opposite

As Obama entered the final month of his reign the mainstream press was awash with stories claiming how faabulously popular he was.  A typical headline was "Obama leaving office on a very high note."

But wait...what's this?  A Gallup report released last week showed that Obama's overall approval rating over his eight year reign was lower than all but 3 presidents since Gallup started doing these surveys in 1945:  the never-elected Gerald Ford (47.2%), the clueless Jimmy Carter (45.4%), and Harry Truman (45.4%).

Obama had a lower overall approval rating than George W. Bush, who got an average 49.4%.  It was even worse overall than Richard Nixon, whose average approval was 49%.

You didn't hear about this...because not a single mainstream-media outlet reported it.

They didn't report it because for his entire eight-year reign the Democrat-loving press desperately tried to avoid covering anything that made Obama look bad.

Again, only three presidents had a lower average approval rating than Obama.

Think that might be newsworthy?  Sure.  But again, not a single mainstream outlet reported this significant finding.  It took the conservative CNS News to break the media embargo.  After CNS reported Gallup's findings on Monday, that story got picked up by the Drudge Report and conservative blog sites.

But beyond that, total media blackout.

It's true that Obama's ratings started to climb as the end of his term neared. In the IBD/TIPP poll, Obama's approval rating was 57% in his last month in office. This got widespread coverage, with lots of comparisons about how he stacked up against other presidents as they left office.

Obama also had a very high approval rating when he came into office, because of his fantastic record of accomplishments as a senator and community organizer.

Hahahahahahaha!  Just kidding!  The guy had virtually no accomplishments prior to being elected president.  No one knew a single thing about him.  He was supported by all blacks, all Dems and a few percent of "elite" white Americans who wanted to show they weren't raaaacists.

Needless to say, the media touted this high initial approval rating to the skies.

Certainly the public had high hopes for Obama when he first took office.  Similarly, he had high ratings in his last few months, when he was largely irrelevant. But for most of the time that he was actually governing, a majority of Americans disapproved of the job he was doing.

Yes, he won re-election--but with 2 million fewer votes than he got in 2008-- against a weak Republican opponent and aided by a totally fawning media.  His approval rating fell again almost as soon as the election was over.

The real story here isn't Obama's overall approval rating, but that the Mainstream Lying Media deliberately, consistently hide news that shows any Democrat in less than a totally favorable light.


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