Friday, November 11

Post-election observations

After their loss Tuesday, the Left is analyzing, calculating, planning how to win next time.  And some of their conclusions are...interesting:

Here's a writer at the leftist rag Slate.
The few Democratic leaders who remain are going to say that it was just a bad note struck here or there, or the lazy Bernie voters who didn’t show up, or Jim Comey, or unfair media coverage of Clinton’s emails, to blame for this loss. 
Let that phrase in italics sink in for a minute:  Unfair media coverage... Oh yes, Slate.  By all means.

What was unfair was that Wikileaks revealed the Left being...their real selves.  Who can read the cunning plotting of John 'Skeletor' Podesta, or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (using DNC resources to sabotage Bernie Sanders and his many supporters), or the cunning Donna Brazile (who proudly tipped off the Clinton team to three questions that were to be asked in one of the debates--ensuring Hillary would sound oh-so-prepared and intelligent)?

Having to operate in the open instead of secretly, plotting behind the scenes, is a hellofa disadvantage, eh Democrats?  But as Slate sees it, the real problem is "unfair media coverage" of the revelations.  This even though the media dutifully printed--verbatim--the false narrative from Dem leaders that 'Hey, those emails were probably altered, tampered with, re-written to make it look really bad, when the truth is...."

The Democrat leadership wouldn't know the truth if it bit 'em.
Anyone who wasn't a Dem/leftist/"progressive" knew that the mainstream media was 100 percent for Hillary.  The media did their best to minimize Hillary's crimes and scream about Trump's crudeness.  They're entitled to, of course, but half the electorate noticed the bias.

Then there are all the fraudulent votes:  According to one analyst it's estimated that voter rolls in the U.S. include 1.8 million dead voters, 6.4 million illegals, 1.8 million ineligible felons, and 2.7 million people registered to vote in more than one state.  link

And it now seems clear that virtually all the polls were skewed to show Hillary with a massive lead right up to election day.  While part of this was likely due to oversampling of Democrats, it's also likely that the apparently erroneous lead was intended to create the impression that Clinton couldn't lose, which would presumably prompt Trump voters not to bother voting.

I suspect at least a third of the votes for the Republican were actually people voting against Hillary.  Lots of people realized Trump had lots of problems, but were finally fed up with Hillary's repeated lies and crimes, and Democratic horse-shit.  Indeed, what no one on the left has said yet--because it's the ultimate taboo--is that one of the biggest reasons people voted against Hillary is probably that they were damn sick and tired of 8 years of the Emperor's policies:  striking down laws by executive order, ramming poorly-conceived laws thru congress after midnight just before a recess, using parliamentary tricks to circumvent the clear checks and balances of the Constitution.

There's no doubt that the awful disaster called Obamacare irritated many.  Even though Obama unilaterally changed implementation dates in that abomination to avoid losing re-election in 2012, and a worse defeat in the mid-terms, all the emperor's horses and cunning and re-writing the law to put off bad outcomes couldn't put off the absolutely inevitable steep rise in the cost of its mandatory health insurance.  Ordinary, hard-working people saw the truth, and it angered them that not a single Democrat ever stood up to say "Maybe this is a lemon after all.  Maybe we should have thought about it longer, or worked with the other side to resolve some of the many problems."

They couldn't do that, cuz it would result in instant withdrawal of support from the national party.  Thus political suicide.

Ordinary Americans were also angered by the emperor's constant vacations, and his many days on the golf course when crises were unfolding.

They were also angered by the lies told about the attack on the CIA annex in Benghazi.  They knew the stories didn't add up, that there was something wrong.  Hillary refused to tell the truth--that the U.S. government--through the CIA--was supplying shoulder-fired missiles to al-Qaeda and the groups that later became ISIS.

Had that emerged, Hillary would have been toast.  So the Narrative--the lie--had to be defended at all costs.

The emperor's amnesty/open-borders policy also angered a big percentage of Americans.  The refusal of the emperor or the Dems to stop federal funds going to "sanctuary cities"--cities that refused to notify the feds when local police arrested a criminal who turned out to be an illegal alien.

Of course under the emperor's policies, the feds refused to deport 'em anyway.  

Ultimately, enough hard-working Americans decided they'd had enough of the whole mess.  I suspect many of 'em didn't think highly of Trump but voted for him just to defeat Hillary--and hopefully reverse many of the emperor's worst policies.

I'm not at all optimistic about his chances.  The senate still has the filibuster, meaning 41 Dems and RINOs can block any legislation they don't like.  And the media will make it very costly for Trump to use executive orders--which the media loved when Obama used 'em, but which will mysteriously become a huge outrage after Jan 20th.

Watch the laws that congress passes.  I suspect congress won't pass anything the Dems don't approve of.  In which case not much can change.


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