Wednesday, November 2

FBI didn't use a single one of its normal investigative tools when "investigating" Hilliary and top aides sending classified info

Unless you've had some legal or law-enforcement experience you have no idea of how totally the FBI abandoned its normal procedures when it came to investigating Hilliary's use of a private, unsecured server to store emails containing TOP SECRET information from State Department cables.

In essence the FBI didn't use a single one of its usual procedures for getting information from Hilliary and her top aides.  Instead they "gave away the store," allowing all the suspects months to delete any incriminating information on their laptops, and to rehearse a Narrative that would allow "plausible denial."  This total failure to use their normal procedures--imposed from higher-ups--clearly shows that the fix has been in all along.

Start here:  If you're a govt employee and the security folks suspect you've been taking classified info home, the FBI shows up at your door with no notice--usually at 5am.  They 'toss' your house, dumping every drawer looking for everything that could possibly contain classified info.  They seize anything they find--laptops, hard drives, thumb drives, CD's, anything.

They take it away and analyze it at their leisure.  It can take months or even years to get them to give it back.

They didn't do any of that with Hilliary or any of her aides.  Instead they negotiated time, place and what kind of questions the FBI agents would be allowed to ask.   It's mind-boggling.  At the very least, the advance notice gave both Hilliary and all the aides time to delete thousands of incriminating files.  And indeed, Hilliary's team ordered a contractor to delete all emails on her server that her lawyers deemed "personal," without anyone outside her circle getting to evaluate whether that was really the case.


Normally the FBI would question each witness or suspect separately.  Witnesses/suspects would be able to have their attorney present, but no one else.

But in Hillary's case, her top aide at State--Cheryl Mills--was allowed to be present when Hilliary was questioned.   This was allowed because Hilliary claimed Mills was her attorney.

One huge problem:  Mills was not only a suspect in the investigation, she wasn't Hilliary's attorney  (and many other close confidantes) to State when she took over as SecState.  Mills' salary was paid by the taxpayers.  She was an employee of the government.  She definitely was NOT hired as Hilliary's attorney.

While Hilliary no doubt did appoint Mills as her attorney after the thing blew up, allowing a suspect to sit in on another suspect's interrogation is an unprecedented departure from normal procedures.

But don't worry, citizen:  We're still a nation of laws.  In fact we have not one but two sets of laws. 

One for you and me, another for Hilliary.


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