Wednesday, November 2

Dems pulling out all the lies and rationalizations to get you to disregard the emails found on Huma's laptop

Watching the Democrats frantically scrambling to try to debunk the tens of thousands of emails found on a laptop belonging to the husband of her top aide for 20 years (Huma Abedin), one comes away convinced that there's no crime Hilliary could commit that they wouldn't excuse.

You'd think Comey's blatant mis-characterization of U.S. law regarding people who compromise classified info (Comey said there had to be "intent" to trigger prosecution, which is totally false) would have convinced the Dems that Comey was a huge Hilliary supporter.  But of course it didn't, because not a single Dem knows anything about that law, nor do they care to find out.

Well, at least not until a Republican is found to have done the same thing Hilliary has.  In that case they'd be screaming for jail time.

But hey, "standards"--like "laws"--are...shall we say, flexible when it comes to Democrats.  Different standards for different classes of people.  And of course Dems fully believe that's a feature, not a cancer.

Check out the latest contortions the Dems and Lying Mainstream Media are using to make this thing vanish:
  • Not a single one of the emails was either sent or received by Hilliary.  Of course the mainstream mouthpiece making this assertion has read all ten-thousand of 'em--while the laptop was in Weiner's apartment--so he knows that's true, right?  Uh, no.
  • The Russians! planted those emails on Weiner's laptop.  Cuz, like, Putin wants Trump to win.  Serious you all!  Of course this would have required that the Russians knew the FBI would be looking at everything on Weiner's laptop.  But this is totes logical because...wait for it...the 15-year-old girl Weiner was sexting was a Russian agent whose mission was to trap him!
  • "We know there are only 1000 emails on the laptop, and most of those are probably duplicates of emails the FBI has already seen.  This proves beyond any doubt that the investigation is an attempt to throw the election to Trump, because any fool could read the remaining emails--barely even 1000, remember?--in a day or two and then declare that nothing was found.  Since Comey has said the bureau won't be able to put this to rest for weeks, it's obviously a political trick!"  And you know there are only   Other "law-enforcement sources" say 650,000.
  • "The 15-year-old Weiner 'had a relationship with on-line' is upset with Comey."  I am not making that up.  What possible relevance does the mainstream mouthpiece thinks that has on the matter isn't explained.  But hey, she's upset!  Which means it's all a dirty political trick! 
  • "Bush used a private email server too!  And deleted records! morons shouldn't be concerned about our queen!"  Well for one thing, Hilliary did ALL her official business on her private server.  Second, Hilliary had TOP SECRET info on her server, whereas no one has ever alleged that Bush compromised classified info.  And finally, as at least one or two of you mainstream Hilliary mouthpieces may have discovered...Bush isn't running for president.  But don't let that affect your story.
Fun stuff.  Well, except for the potential for disaster.  And I'm not a Trump fan.


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