Wednesday, November 2

Hillary clears up her reasoning for setting up her private email server

"I am absolutely outraged that Republicans in congress have pressured the head of the FBI to look again into my totally innocent use of emails.

"I used a private server because I am clearly smarter than anyone in the government about the need to keep classified information out of the hands of our enemies.  My technical advisors at the State Department told me the government email system was totally compromised, and that we shouldn't put any secret information on it.  So I was absolutely forced to set up my own system.

"I did it to keep our secrets safe!  This decision was approved by everyone in the government, but now the Republicans are trying to say I did something wrong--even though director Comey, back in July, said I did nothing wrong whatsoever!

"I set up the server because I know better than anyone how technology works.  And my mind is as sharp as ever.  The only reason I said "I can't recall..." 172 time when questioned by the committee looking into some minor problem in Benghazi was that I determined they weren't cleared to know any of my answers.  Same thing with the written deposition I was *forced* to give to that goofy right-wing outfit:  I said "I don't recall" 47 times because they didn't need to know.  I will tell you what you need to know, as I see fit, and not before.

"This is simply an effort to throw the election to Trump--who is in cahoots with the Russians.  In fact everyone in the government knows the Russians were the ones who hacked into my private server.

"You should elect me, because I am way smarter than you or anyone else.  So get out and vote.  Vote as often as you can, because there's no penalty for it, and in any case no one cares.  In fact we've arranged it so you can vote without even showing any ID.  So if a friend or family member hasn't voted, you can vote for them.  It's the right thing to do.


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