Friday, November 11

Post-election anti-Trump riots continue in U.S. cities. MSM: "Riots? What riots?"

Riots continued for a fifth consecutive night in 7 or 8 U.S. cities. 

But interestingly, if you search for "riots in the U.S. after the election" you won't get a single hit from a U.S. newspaper.  A few foreign papers or networks, but that's all.

Gee, what the hell do you suppose is up with that, eh?

Easy:  Every single U.S. "mainstream media" outlet loves Democrats and so-called "progressives," so they NEVER use the word "riot" in their headlines to describe smashing every window in a swanky business district, or breaking windows in cars just to be smashing shit.

As far as the papers are concerned these are all just grievously offended "undocumented immigrants" or anarchists exercising their First Amendment rights.

Seriously, that's what they want you to think.

And have you heard the lard-ass crook (Hilliary) or the emperor tell their thugs to knock it the hell off?  No, you haven't, because neither has said a fucking WORD to their supporters.

And isn't it interesting that Hilliary gave speech after speech before the election screaming about how AWFUL it was that Trump wouldn't pre-emptively promise to accept the election results no matter what (i.e. had he made that promise he wouldn't have been able to challenge massive, proven vote fraud), and how that was absolutely anti-American and would destroy our country!

So now that HER supporters are doing the rioting and destruction, she seems to be fine with it.  At least she's okay enough that she can't bring herself to say a single word of reproach.

Wow, that's some screaming double-standard, eh?  Can you say "outrageous hypocrite"?  

For the record, I don't trust Trump--but not in the way liberals think.  I don't think he'll push for many of the things he supposedly backed during the campaign.  And the reasons are simple:  First, he's really a liberal at heart; and second, he won't "pass laws by executive order" like the emperor did.  He'll wait for congress to pass laws, as the Constitution mandates.  And congress won't do shit--because they have to win re-election, and in most districts they can't do that if they vote for the kinds of things the liberals are screaming WILL happen under Trump.

So again, I don't expect the U.S. legal landscape to change perceptibly in the next four years.

But of course the Lying Media will keep fanning the flames of fury among immigrants and the idiot liberal snowflakes, because they want Trump to fail.  They want him to over-react.

BTW, when you see pics of any of the "demonstrations" note the mass-printed yellow signs.  They're printed by "International Answer," which is a full-on communist outfit.  Oh, absolutely legal to do that, of course.  Absolutely their first-amendment rights.  But just keep in mind where the money and bodies are coming from.  Who are the prime movers behind the riots?  Do they want what's good for the U.S., or what overturns a legitimate election?


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