Monday, November 21

Mainstream Lying Media and Obama probably sank Clinton. Well, them and the eeevil Electoral College system!

In the recent election I got the impression that most Americans weren't wild about either candidate, and that the vote on that basis was about equally split.  Rather, I think two factors gave Trump the win:

First was how angry a huge number of voters were at the Mainstream Media.  The self-appointed "elites" and drama queens and barely-concealed socialists used their positions (control of the airwaves and papers) to push Clinton and demonize Trump day and night.  And average people--the ones Hilliary scornfully called "deplorables"--noticed.

The Media relentlessly pushed the absurd Fable that Hilliary was "one of you guys" instead of a supporter of Wall Street and the big corporation that *routinely* paid her a quarter of a MILLION bucks for an hour's speech.  And "ordinary" people noticed. 

A second factor seems to be a clear rejection of Obama--the unvetted mystery man who ordered every one of his college and birth records sealed, and needed 4 years to create a clearly, provably faked birth certificate.  A man whose own "publisher's bio" (which all authors have to personally approve) for 15 years listed his birthplace as Kenya, and who refused to explain this contradiction.

The Mainstream Media was amazingly uncurious about this or any other aspect of Obama's past.  And "ordinary" people noticed.

The emperor fanned the flames of race hatred of whites by blacks--especially against police--and now black murders of police are at a record high.  The Mainstream Media didn't say a critical word about his inflammatory statements.  And ordinary people noticed.

He ordered federal employees not to deport illegal aliens--a clear failure to "faithfully execute the laws," which the Constitution says the president must do--yet the Media didn't say a critical word.

And "ordinary people" noticed.

Since Obama's policies are the policies of the Democrat party, and Hilliary never said a word contra to the Party Line, people understandably thought Hilliary would continue the emperor's--and the Democrat party's--policies. 

Illegal aliens, socialists and marxists loved this prospect.  Hard-working Americans from flyover country didn't.

Now we're starting to see a few internet articles speculating on the possibility that the Mainstream Media might conceivably be re-thinking acting as a totally biased, dishonest shill for Democrats.  This strikes me as absurdly naive:  The members of the Lying Media--every editor and reporter alike--won't change their fundamental political viewpoint, so it seems unlikely they'll stop shilling for Dems.  After all, the only people who call out the Media bullshit are conservatives who don't rely on the Mainstream Media for their news. 

In other words, as the Media sees it, people whose opinion simply doesn't matter.


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