Thursday, September 15

The clear evidence shows Hillary ordered her aides to order a tech firm to totally wipe her server--defying congress

If you give a good goddamn about this country, and the "rule of law" that until now has made this nation both a great place to live and an economic miracle, you need to read this.

Most liberals and Democrats are totally bored with the story of Hillary Clinton's emails.  They just don't care what she did.  They think it's either too confusing or too trivial--because they have no idea what the entire thing means.

But in reality, as evidence about the email "dust-up" (I'll avoid "scandal" because that's so overused) keeps piling up, it clearly shows that Clinton and her attorneys and aides--knowing that her server and the emails it contained were totally damning, and would destroy her presidential bid--ordered third parties to erase the server, even though they knew congress had ordered its contents to be preserved.

This is a total defiance of the law.  She knew it, her aides knew it, and yet they said "Fuck you, America!  You can't touch us, because the law only applies to 'little people,' not to royalty!"

Do you think that should be how this country is run?  Do you think that's how the Constitution was designed and crafted?  Hell no.  But if you elect this lying, corrupt bitch to the presidency, what you'll get is a continuation of Obama's system:  The president won't obey the law, because no power can compel her to.

Is that what you want? 

Is that the system you want your kids and grandchildren to have to cope with?

This is NOT hyperbole.  This is what you're within an inch of electing--and dooming your kids too.

Watch the vid below.  It describes what the clear, unequivocal evidence has shown.

H/T PJ Media.


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