Sunday, September 11

University adds "preferred pronouns" to nameplates

The headlong rush by university administrators--many of whom seem to genuinely hate the America you and I knew when we were young--continues unabated.  The latest example is Vanderbilt--a school that costs about $45,000 per year.

You have to understand that the administrators at Vandy--like virtually all university adminishits--have a huge desire to placate "special snowflakes"--the Society of the Perpetually Aggrieved.  They also have a huge desire to stick a thumb in the eye of allegedly unsophisticated Americans--the folks Hillary called a "basket of deplorables" three days ago.

As such, university admin types go to great lengths to embrace goofy notions that the rest of us find...questionable at best, or insane at worst.

Thus the admins at Vandy have now added a line to all name-plates that go on every office door--including doors of "resident advisors" and graduate assistants--listing the "preferred pronouns" the occupant demands that you use.

Those are the charming inventions like ze, zirs, zoze, hirs, doze, goze, whooze and so on.

Of course since they did this, the obvious next step is to criminalize anyone who uses normal, obvious pronouns. 

Oh, your liberal friends say, "That's ridiculous.  That could never happen."

Guess again, cupcake:  Already has.  New York City's "human rights commission" has already passed a "rule" (i.e. no one outside of the commission voted on it) that will impose fines on any business that doesn't bow to the transgendered/confused snowflakes.

Yeah I know, that's not a fine on individuals.  But if you don't think that's coming you haven't been paying attention.


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