Saturday, May 21

Biden: 'women and gays are a great asset in combat units'

If you were ever in the military you recognize bullshit right away--a talent that far too many civilians seem to lack.
Biden at West Point: Diversity on battlefield an 'incredible asset'

Joe Biden advocated for diversity in the armed forces Saturday, telling West Point graduates in a commencement address that more women and openly gay soldiers will strengthen the country's armed forces.

"Having men and women together in the battlefield is an incredible asset, particularly when they're asked to lead teams in parts of the world with fundamentally different expectations and norms," Biden saidThe first seven women who were commissioned into combat divisions graduated Saturday.

Really Joe?  For example, d'ya think Muslims would behave better if a woman was shooting at 'em? 
Biden also saluted class president Eugene "E.J." Coleman for coming out as gay.  "Thanks for your courage, E.J., and I expect we're going to hear big things from you.
Yes, this is definitely what we need to make our military stronger and more effective:  Women and open gays.  [/sarc]

Tell ya what, Joe:  Why don't we have an infantry unit composed entirely of gays and women, and let's compare effectiveness.  If the all faaabulous unit does just as well, great.  If it doesn't, will you shut the fuck up about the wonders of fucking diversity as an asset?

No, of course you won't.


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