Sunday, May 22

What really happened at the Nevada Dem convention

You may have heard that there was some sort of dust-up at the Nevada state Democrat convention a week or so ago. 

If, like most Americans, you get your news from the mainstream media, you were told that the problem involved supporters of Bernie Sanders yelling and throwing chairs.

What they carefully didn't mention is that the chairwoman of the state Dems--not surprisingly--is a Hillary plant who repeatedly violated the party's own published rules to a) ram through a rules change by voice vote before the convention started, and with 1000 delegates outside the hall waiting to enter; b) refuse to recognize 64 Sanders delegates; c) refuse to take a physical count (as required by Dem rules) when a voice vote showed a tie on a crucial question; d) refused to let a Sanders supporter read a challenge to the procedures; e) abruptly gavelled the convention to a close and ran off when it appeared that Sanders supporters were about to win a challenge.

If YouTube hasn't taken down the following video, watch it.  And compare what you see with what the media told you.  Night and day.

I won't be a bit surprised if YouTube removes the video on some ridiculous, spurious excuse.  After all, they're totally behind Hillary and the Dems.  Oh well.  If so, try this.

Think this kind of behavior by the state party chair is natural or spontaneous, or do ya think this is what she was told to do by Hillary's minions?  This is how the Dems are ensuring the queen will get their nomination.  The fix is in, comrades.  Hillary is the next queen.  The Dems would rather fix the fight and thus take the presidency again than have an open, honest process.


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