Friday, January 29

Cops in Kiel, Germany, ordered to ignore shoplifting by immigrants?

The disaster in Europe continues to worsen.  Germany is one of half a dozen European countries that's been overrun--perhaps it would be more accurate to say "invaded"--by so-called "refugees" from the middle-east and North Africa. 

Now police in the city of Kiel, Germany, have reportedly been ordered not to pursue cases where refugees were caught shoplifting.  Same for "minor" property damage.

City authorities claim that prosecuting shoplifting refugees "is hard" "because the perps often don’t carry identification documents."

Anyone wanna guess the effects this policy will have?  Sure you can:  Shoplifting will go exponential.  If someone was raised in a culture that views "infidels" as worthless, and the local officials have ordered the cops not to haul you to jail if you steal, why in the world would you not simply take anything you wanted?

Morality?  Honesty?  Simple civil behavior?  You have to be kidding!

So...local officials recognized a problem--and proceeded to make it vastly worse.  How typical.


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