Friday, January 22

Want to make a few bucks shoveling snow for people? New Jersey demanded a license.

Wanna know what's wrong with this country?  Astonishingly dumb politicians. 

Case in point:  Seems New Jersey (or possibly a few towns in it) had passed a rule requiring anyone offering to shovel snow for money to get a license.

That's right, these pinhead politicians demanded that people register and get a license to shovel snow for a few bucks.

And the damn license could be *very* expensive: $450 in one town.  And was only good for one season!

Last year two teens going door-to-door offering to shovel snow for a few bucks were stopped by the cops in Bound Brook.  The cops told the boys they were not allowed to "solicit businesses" without a permit.  In Bound Brook that license costs $450 and is only good for a period of 180 days.
After the story made national headlines, state lawmakers began working on a solution, saying it was incredible that some towns wanted teens to pay expensive licensing fees just to clear snow off driveways.



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