Friday, January 8

State Dept refuses to deny that a Hellfire missile was "sold" to Cuba ??

Short news story yesterday said a state-of-the-art USAF Hellfire missile somehow ended up in Cuba.

Later story said the missile was a dummy.

Then at a State Department press conference some reporters asked the spokesdick for details.

If you can read body language, it looks like the guy went into lockup mode, repeatedly *reading* from a paper in front of him that he was barred by federal law from commenting about any aspect of export licensing, foreign trade, defense contracts, partridges in pear trees and everything else.

“I am restricted, under federal law and regulations, from commenting on the specific defense trade, licensing cases and compliance matters,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said during a press conference Friday.  “What I can say is under the Arms Export Control Act, the State Department licenses both permanent and temporary exports by U.S. companies of regulated defense articles,” Kirby added.

Next reporter:  "Did the State Department sell this missile to the Cuban government?"
Spokesdick:  "I can't comment.  I've said all I can say about this."

Finally another reporter said "So rather than simply deny that the U.S. sold this missile to Cuba, you're gonna leave without denying that?"
Spokesdick:  "Next question."

I didn't believe it either, but take a look for yourself:

Lord, I sincerely hope this is exactly what it appears to be.

U.S. officials have been urging the Cuban government to return the missile.  And now note that the shipment of the missile to Cuba happened in 2014.  Your emperor normalized relations with Cuba in 2015.  A rational president would have insisted on the return of the missile as a condition of resuming normal relations--which hugely, lopsidedly benefitted the Cuban government.

Of course Bullshit Barry didn't trouble himself to insist on the missile's return.  Gosh, if only we had a class of people in this country who would ask him why he didn't demand its return... 

When Bullshit Barry and Hillary lied their ass off after four Americans were killed in Benghazi, many of us thought that was Barry's Watergate.  But predictably, the mainstream media turned the story into "Look how those awful Republicans are trying to make a nothing story into a scandal!"

And it worked.  Both Barry and Hillary skated, dodging all responsibility for...everything.

Maybe this latest scandal could finally cause the mainstream media to stop defending the emperor's fuckups.

Hahahahahahaha!  Yeah, right after hell freezes over.


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