Thursday, January 7

Washington State commission makes it illegal to ask a man in women's locker what he's doing

Legislatures are notoriously dumb, and the one in Washington State is no exception.  That body of jokers has delegated to the state's Human Rights Commissionthe power to draft rules to "prevent discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation and gender expression.” 

The HR commission has now released its final rule-- and it's as crazy as you'd expect.

The commission has decided it shall henceforth be illegal to ask “unwelcome personal questions about an individual’s sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity, or transgender status.” In other words, if a woman in Washington State is in the women's locker room and a man walks in and starts undressing, the new rule makes it illegal for her even to ask him what he is doing there, much less ask him to leave.   The only legal recourse she has is to leave the locker room quietly. The naked guy gets to stay.
But wait, it gets better:  the new rule applies to schools as well as businesses, so according to this crazy "rule" school kids could be charged with violating it if they encounter the same situation at school.

As you'd expect, the rule doesn't try to define what constitutes an “unwelcome” personal question about a person’s gender expression.  Presumably it's like who decides what speech is deemed offensive to Muslims: the member of the specially protected group gets to decide whether they're offended.

The rule also makes it illegal for a business or school to deliberately refer to any person by a pronoun that's not the one that person prefers.  Thus Washington State joins New York city in fining people who call males “he” if they want to be called “she.”

The rule also states that it is illegal to ask someone using the "wrong" facility to use a separate facility.  Instead--you won't believe this--the "solution" is that anyone who is uncomfortable around such a person "should be directed to a separate or gender-neutral facility.”

Now, Washington State has long been known as one of the most left-wing states.  Moonbat territory.  But even with this in mind, it’s hard to imagine that any society so full crazy as to make rules like this one can survive much longer.


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