Tuesday, December 8

U.S. Leftists: Y'know how we can prevent terror attacks here? Ban guns!

Democrats, liberals, socialists and marxists believe a huge number of our problems are caused by...guns.  Their solution--of course--is for the government to declare it illegal for you to own one. 

In their (more sophisticated, nuanced, educated, smart) view, banning guns will end murders and terrorist attacks. 

Ask 'em why they think banning guns will do this when laws against murder haven't stopped that crime and they'll simply change the subject.  Oh, and they'll accuse you of being unsophisticated, dumb and being unable to grasp "nuance."

After the murders in San Bernardino the Left redoubled its demands for a gun ban.

France has extremely restrictive gun laws.  And those laws prevented the massacre of 130 innocents in Paris.

Oh wait...they didn't.

In fact, by ensuring that none of the victims was armed, those laws arguably made it easier for the muzz terrorists to kill more victims.

But no matter, citizen:  Your betters on the Left assure you that a gun ban *here* will prevent terrorist attacks.  Really.

Leftists demand that you ignore anyone who cites the Paris attacks as proof that a ban on gun ownership *here* wouldn't be effective.  Because...um...*our* laws are written on much-higher-quality paper than the French laws.  And they're written with super-expensive government ink.  So you can be sure criminals and terrorists will obey a U.S. gun ban, even though the Paris murderers clearly ignored *their* ban.

Besides, citizen, can you be sure there really was an attack in Paris?  A guy who works with my brother-in-law knows a guy who said the story of the Paris attacks didn't really happen!  Yep, he says it was a big plot by the Koch brothers to use their corporate-owned media to hurt the Democrats in the 2016 elections!

And 52% of all Americans would believe that in a heartbeat.


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