Tuesday, December 8

The emperor continues his faaabulous track record of making false statements

Your emperor--the guy all you Democrats voted for and inflicted on the rest of us--continues his stellar track record of making either dumb or false statements concerning Islamic terrorism.

Would you like some examples?  Happy to oblige:
  • He claimed that the attack in Benghazi that killed an American ambassador and 3 other Americans was caused by a video, posted on YouTube, critical of Islam--when in fact he had information the same day of the attack that this was not true. 
  • "ISIS is a JV team."  What was he trying to impart with that pearl of "wisdom"?  Obviously that ISIS was not a threat.
  •  ISIS is contained
  • The Paris terrorist attack killing 130 was a "setback." 
  • The ISIS fight is going well.
  • Finally, just one day before the murder of 14 and wounding of 20 more in San Bernardino--by a Muslim--your emperor assured you that there was no threat of an attack on "the homeland." 
Does he say these things because he's stupid?  Hard to imagine that's the case.  After all, Democrat elites have been quoted as saying they found him to be the "smartest guy in the room." 

But if it's not stupidity, that would seem to leave only...willful deception.

Of course you can't believe that, because you literally can't imagine such a person rising to the highest office in our land.  Such a thing would imply that the media had deliberately failed to look into the guy's record, his past activities.

Oh, wait... 

But don't worry, citizen:  Your betters in the elite media know what they're doing.  We're all just along for the ride.  Oh, and to keep working and making stuff and paying taxes so government can pay all its employees--90 percent of whom are loyal Democrats.


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