Tuesday, November 17

Administration officials slated to testify to congress cancel at the last minute

Remember the emperor's solemn, solemn promise that His would be "the most transparent administration in history"?

Eh, you probably don't.  After all, Americans have so many more important things to be concerned about--like making a living and paying taxes.  Who has time to monitor what some political figure said, eh? 

Well about that "most transparent" promise: officials from the Office of Personnel Management, Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of Management and Budget were scheduled to appear before a closed-door session of the House Armed Services Committee to testify about the giant computer hack that resulted in the Chinese government stealing the complete personnel records of something like ten million federal employees.  A really serious deal.

Well, at the last minute every one of those officials said they weren't gonna appear.

Interesting, eh?  You'd think...nevermind.

The official excuse given--by the agencies--was that they had issues with the briefing being "on the record."  

Tell me, Democrats:  Since it's a "closed door briefing" (not open to the public), before people with adequate security clearances, and they'd have ample chance to redact the record if necessary to avoid giving away any harmful information, how can you believe this complaint has any merit or substance?

Oh, silly me:  For just a second there I thought you were actually serious about trying to help our representatives do their oversight job and find out if any procedures needed to be changed to prevent this from happening again, but in truth you just want to help Barack cover up the problem.

What's next, Democrats?  Ya gonna try to go back and erase all those videotapes of your emperor making that "most transparent administration in history" bullshit "promise"?


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